A Single Drop of Mystery

A shima mikan that reflects Okinawa
Drops of scent
Sparkle like the stars that decorate the night sky
Almost like
A universe of aromas that induce a deep tranquility
Gently etching time
Sending you on a trip to a clear heart


Blessings of the Land

The northern part of the main island of Okinawa with it’s rolling mountains and forests is known as “Yanbaru” by the locals.
A treasure trove of many valuable and unique species of flora and fauna, it’s also known as the “Galapagos of the Orient”.
This Galapagos is also the home of the kabuchi citrus.
Surrounded by lush mountain forests, this fruit is grown bathing in sight and under a blanket of clear air.


Kabuchi Citrus

What is Kabuchi?

Kabuchi is a unique type of mikan orange
that has been used in Okinawa since long ago.
The name Kabuchi comes from the local Okinawan dialect’s words for skin (“ka”) and thick (“buchi”).
And just as the name suggests, this is a smallish mikan orange that is covered in a thick skin.

The History of Kabuchi

Okinawa used to be an independent state and the precious native kabuchi has been popular since the Ryukyu Kingdom (12th – 17th century) and into the present.

History before the formation of the Ryukyu Kingdom is unclear, and there are many mysteries as to how and when people started to make use of them.

The 3 Special Characteristics of Kabuchi

  1. [Its sweet aroma] The aroma that comes off of the thick skin is the most important characteristic of this fruit.
    It’s a unique refreshing scent.
  2. [Delicious fruit juice] Although the fruit contains many seeds and little flesh,the juice squeezed out of it has a deliciously moderate sweetness and sourness.
  3. [Tough citrus] This is a tough fruit that is durable against disease and typhoon alike and has a distinct wild fruit appearance as it has not been selectively bred.

Kabuchi Production

Kabuchi can only be harvested
in the forests restricted
to the northern parts the Okinawa mainland.

At Okinesia we collaborate with farmers
to make the most of these tough kabuchi and implement natural farming techniques
that don’t rely on agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers.

We Carefully Grow Each
and Every Fruit

The Okinawa main island town of Motobucho Izumi is surrounded by lush greenery and mountains and is where shima mikans are produced.

Many types of citrus including rare native species like the kabuchi are protected as they grow by the folks at the Izumi Mikan Production Association.


Characteristics of Kabuchi Essential Oil

[Ingredients] Made with 100% rare kabuchi citrus.

[Production] High quality and stable essential oils are extracted using steam distillation.

[Scent] Characterized by a profoundly refreshing and strong citrus scent.

[Components] According to collaborative research with a university it has a calming effect.

[Phototoxicity] None (Furocoumarin free)

Phototoxicity refers to when skin that has certain citrus essential oils applied to it is hit by ultra-violet light and damaged. Effects include discoloration, burns, itches, and rashes.
Some essential oils that typically have phototoxicity are bergamot, angelica root, lemon, and grapefruit. Kabuchi essential oils that are extracted via steam distillation are citrus oils but have no phototoxicity. They are used safely in a range of beauty fields including skincare, fragrances, and aromatherapy.

How to Use Kabuchi Essential Oil

In addition to essential oils for aromatherapy, kabuki essential oils are widely used in scented cosmetics such as makeup and soap as natural fragrances. As for volume, we can cater to customer needs and provide 3ml – 100ml for personal use and 1000ml and up for industrial use (or exports). Apart from essential oils, “hydrolats” (INCI approved) are also made. Please feel free to inquire about this.

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Our Distillery

In September 2016, a distillation factory was completed, nestled in a valley in the northern parts of the Okinawa mainland. The mark of this building is its glass block front. It was designed in the traditional Okinawa textile pattern “minsa”. The green represents kabuchi citrus, the yellow is shikuwasa, and the orange is tankan citrus.
We carefully distilling the essential oils, thankful for each and every drop, in a quiet location surrounded by greenery and under a clear sky.

Evidence Acquired Through Collaboreative Research
with the Kitasato University School of Pharmacy

Kitasato University

Founded in 1962. Founded by Shibasaburo Kitasato MD.
It is known as the center of oriental medicine. The Kitasato University Oriental Medicine Research Center is located on campus.

Collaborative Research

Okinesia was adopted into the Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Fisheries’ Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry Collaboration program under the theme of “How to use kabuchi’s high added value”. (2009)

Since then we have been conducting collaborative research with Kitasato University School of Pharmacy to analyze the ingredients in kabuchi and the medicinal properties of its essential oils.
Here we discovered kabuchi’s calming effect and sleep-inducing effects.


Research thesis in collaboration with Kitasato University School of Pharmacy professor Yoshinori Kobayashi (2016)

Our Product Examples Using the Kabuchi Oil

カーブチー お線香


We blend kabuchi essential oils with powdered getto, a typical Okinawan herb. It is a spiral shaped incense made with plant derivatives only.

カーブチー オードパルファム

Eau de Parfum

We have developed one citrus eau de parfum with a kabuchi essential oil base.

カーブチー オーデコロン

Eau de Cologne

We have developed three citrus eau de colognes with a kabuchi essential oil base.

カーブチー ルームフレグランス

Room Fragrance

We have developed four citrus room fragrances with a kabuchi essential oil base.

株式会社オキネシア イメージ画像

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